Virtual Assistants Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this permanent employment?

No it is not. It is an opportunity to make a passive salary without disturbing your current lifestyle. As it is strictly assignment based, it allows for flexibility and job sharing. Being registered on our database allows clients to draw on your expertise as and when an assignment arises, without you having to search for them.

2. Can I do this if I am a student?

Yes. Anybody can be a Virtual Assistant. As long you have the skills set required by the client. Even those who are employed may join in order to make extra income.

3. What do i need to qualify for this? 

Although not compulsory, post matriculation is preferred. Assignments vary and most of the time it depends on the role that you would need to assume for that particular assignment.

4. Do I need to have matric?

It is preferable, but not compulsory.

5. What are the services that I will have to provide?

The work is assignment based. You will be given tasks according to the category that you have been placed in.
Please note that you may be placed in more than one category. These are the five categories:


Clerical, administrative, researchers, logistical, runners.



– Answering phone calls
– Filing, organizing, entering basic information into a computer system etc.
– Office machine use

Required skills:

– Does not require any special subject expertise.



– Data collection, analysis, interpreting and reporting
– Bookkeeping
– Gathering and processing information via phone, letter, email or in person
– Follow up calls
– Recording and updating databases
– Word processing manuscripts, letters and documents
– Spreadsheet creation and management
– Office machine use

Required skills:

– Proficiency in MS Office Suite
– good reading and writing skills
– Strong grammar and spelling
– Competent keyboard skills
– Good communication
– Telephone etiquette
– Ability to work individually
– Ability to concentrate for long periods of time
– Attention to detail
– Accuracy



– desktop research
– Report writing
– Data analytics

Skills and competencies required:

– Post matric qualification
– Excellent communication skills
– The ability to identify credible sources
– Analytical
– Attention to detail
– Time management


Delivery drivers


– Drive safely to destination.
– help with the loading and unloading of products, keep logs of activities and make sure your vehicles are maintained in good working order.
– collection and delivery of goods from places of production to homes or businesses



– Attendance of meetings and tender briefings which include note taking
– Ad hoc responsibilities which may require movement in and out of the office.
– May require minimal manual Labour from time to time.

The requirements and skills for both drivers and runners are similar:

– No formal education
– On-the-job training
– Preparation of delivery forms and the operation and loading of the vehicle.
– Good eyesight, hearing and physical condition


– Initiative
– Neat
– Well spoken
– Courteous
– Work well with little supervision.

6. How will I be paid?

Payments will only be done via EFT, and will be done within 24 hour completion of the task.

7. How much will I be paid?

Remuneration is not fixed as it depends on the magnitude of the task. The client will provide the price for an assignment, and as a Virtual Assistant, you may accept or decline it. We only take 10% of it, the rest is yours.

8. What are the skills that I need in order to be a virtual assistant?

The more skills you have the better. These will determine the assignments given to you. You need to be able to read and write English proficiently.

9. What are the tools that I need?

You need to have the ability to be connected to the Internet, and you also need to have a device that you can receive emails on.

Some assignments may require the use of a private vehicle.

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