Cyber Security Consulting

May 16, 2016

Cyber Security has become a priority in many industries and many are attached everyday to the extent that you have tow types of organisations, those that know that they have been hacked and those that do not know that they have been hacked. Across industries, organisations increasingly rely on cyberspace to drive efficiencies, innovation and business growth. With cyber attacks on the rise, it is critical that they secure their operations in cyberspace.

The traditional approach to IT security, which focuses on the technical aspects, is only one part of the solution for businesses to protect their assets including reputation, IP, employees and customers.¬†Cybersecurity solutions help you protect your enterprise organization in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world. With the advances in technology to which only the advantages are almost always highlighted, there is a lot of risk. The following services are provided by CTD:

  • Developing, evaluating and implementing cyber security policy
  • Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments